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Nerderlands is a festival for the international tech scene organized by Amsterdam-based tech communities. We launched in summer 2016:


Nederlands connects creative minds with an interest in technology, innovation, and general nerdy fun stuff. In our first year the joined communities, startups and events attracted 7.500 visitors. Nerderlands 2016 was produced by Appsterdam with the aid of StartupAmsterdam.

See our Facebook page for last summer’s pictures.


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What is Nerderlands?

Nerderlands is a new festival for the international tech scene. The first edition took place in August 2016. Combining nerdiness and leisure, Nerderlands is the perfect getaway for engineers, developers, and designers. Nerderlands is not for profit and organized by Amsterdam's finest tech communities.

Where is Nerderlands?

Nerderlands will host events at venues throughout Amsterdam. To prevent you from getting lost, we created a special map for you with all the events.

Who are the brains behind Nerderlands?

As an open source concept Nerderlands invites all Amsterdam-based communities to add their event to the schedule, creating a low-key environment for people to mingle and meet.

I have work to do. Why should I go?

Nerderlands is the perfect getaway for nerds, allowing you to immerse in your tech passion as well as engage in general fun stuff. Amsterdam offers the perfect backdrop: as a hotbed of innovation it has an active tech community, it offers historic canals for boat rides as well as museums to escape the sun or the rain. Also, there are lots of co-working spaces available, like Seats2Meet and We Work.

I want to be part of a future edition of Nerderlands!

We’d love to hear that, the more the merrier. Please send a mail to and we’ll be in touch with you.

Do I need a ticket?

Nerderlands unites events organised by the local tech communities. To keep things simple, there are no expensive all-access tickets. Just check our schedule, take your pick, and get a ticket when needed through the ticket link in the program. Some events will be free, others may charge a (small) fee.

Where can I find the events?

Go to the schedule and discover all the events that were part of Nerderlands 2016. For pictures, go to our Facebook page.

How do I stay up-to-date?

Register and we’ll make sure you are fully up-to-date. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

How can I get around in Amsterdam?

Of course, there are trams and buses. But why not explore Amsterdam the local way? Rent a bike (it’s cheap) and paddle from one event to the next, enjoying the canals while you’re at it. Biking also means you don't have to wait for a tram or bus, you're never stuck in traffic and you can easily park. In case you are by car, check your parking options. Any questions to get around? Try Manyguide

Trailer 2016: